I’m Infamous Today (Well, I Sort of Feel Infamous)

Today was Election Day in British Columbia, the finale of the four week provincial three ring election circus. As I’m writing this post, the British Columbia Liberal Party (aka Stephen Harper Fan Club – BC Bluenose Chapter), pulled off a stunning upset and will form the next government for a fourth consecutive mandate, with Christy Clark possibly leading them, that is, if she wins her seat of Vancouver Point Grey, which is up in the air at this moment.

I live in the riding of Vancouver – Quilchena, a place of very well educated, wealthy, starchy conservatives who historically have always elected similar well educated, wealthy, starchy conservatives to the provincial legislature. I’m very well educated, not at all wealthy, and I can’t stand conservative people. So I fit in like a triangular peg in an round hole. The starchy people elected their starchy candidate. I voted for the New Democratic candidate in my riding because I am more concerned about the environment than economic development (GASP! HERETIC!). He’s naturally organic, which is anathema to the wealthy, starchy people. Of course they wouldn’t elect him.

As a member of the Globe & Mail BC undecided voter panel, we were asked if we had made up our minds about who we would vote for today. They selected 15 answers that were printed on Election Day in their entirety. My post was published! I feel like it’s a dream come true, because one of my goals as a writer was to be published one day in a major national newspaper like the Globe and Mail.

Here’s my post that appeared today:

Who am I going to vote for? It all comes down to who do I think will best represent the riding of Vancouver-Quilchena. As I’ve said before, this riding has been solidly B.C. Liberal for a long time. It has always been a ‘safe’ seat for them. For me, the choice of who to vote for is pretty straightforward.

Do I want to vote for Andrew Wilkinson – former B.C. Liberal president, deputy minister, ‘establishment candidate’? No.

Do I want to vote for the Conservative candidate? No. Do I want to vote for the Green Party candidate? Wait – has ANYONE seen the Green party candidate? No.

That leaves me with the NDP candidate Nicholas Scapillatti. I’m going to vote for him. To put this in perspective, the last time I voted for the NDP was in 1991 in North Vancouver-Lonsdale. Why am I voting for Nicholas? He’s actively involved in salmonid enhancement programs. He’s involved in sustainability development. He’s a small businessman, as opposed to a corporate type. He co-authored an environmental dissertation with Dr. David Suzuki. He shares my concern for long-term environmental issues, which I personally feel outweigh economic development.

I’ll also say this. I haven’t forgotten how many children have died in foster care under the Ministry of Children and Families during the 12 years of B.C. Liberal government policy. Nobody wants to talk about dead children and the cutbacks to social policies that contributed to the Ministry letting this happen.

And everyone has forgotten the stellar work done by Children’s Commissioner Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond and how the B.C. Liberals tried to silence her report on their failures. But she screamed bloody murder and publicly shamed Gordon Campbell and minister Mary Polak.

And you want the same B.C. Liberals back running the show after 12 years?

It seems they do. And I’m extremely unhappy about the result.

Winston Churchill once made this sly observation about elections:

“If you want to know why democracy is a bad idea,

just talk to the average voter for five minutes”

On the bright side, at least the Green Party landed a seat in the BC Legislature. I’ll take any small silver lining from this dismal electoral cloud.

The Grumpy Ferret


One response to “I’m Infamous Today (Well, I Sort of Feel Infamous)

  1. As a well educated, wealthy, starchy conservatives from the Vancouver – Quilchena riding, I must say I find your rant most enlightening! I am going to change my ways! Vote Green!

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