Everything you could possibly want to know about The Grumpy Ferret:

Are You Really a Ferret?

An excellent question! Let’s just say that when it comes to digging about for interesting ideas, news snippets, trivia, or anything bright and shiny, I’m rather ferret like. These sorts of things always get my attention!

Do You Really Live in a Burrow?

If you mean a hole in the ground that I personally dug out with my own paws where I share accommodations with bugs, grubs, and worms – well, no. It’s more of a cozy nook where I stare out through the windows and contemplate life, the Universe, and what I’m having for supper!

How is it Possible For a Ferret to Use a Computer?

People always think ferrets are only interested in food, stealing things, and attacking feet. It’s not true! We’re actually extremely clever technologists who use our dexterity to leap up on computer keyboards and express ourselves online. Unfortunately, Siri doesn’t speak Ferret, (Apple! Are you listening?).

What Are Your Politics?

Obviously I’m Pro-Weasel. Anyone who promises a chicken in every pot and a fresh leather wallet I can steal under the couch gets my vote! I’m an environmentalist who supports composting because you haven’t lived until you’ve dug up a breakfast of grubs from a compost pile, not to mention possible leftover foodscraps! I believe in the free market – I’m always in the market for something if it’s FREE! šŸ™‚

Where in the World do You Live?

I make my home in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Here on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, I’m surrounded by ocean, mountains, and really good neighbourhood Japanese restaurants! I’ve travelled all over North America, Japan, and the Pacific Rim.

Do You Have Any Other Blogs?

Here’s a bit of shameless self-promotion. I have a second WordPress blog dealing with technology and videogames at Dr. Arkanoid: Revelations From the Inner Sanctum. That’s my ‘professional’ blog. By the way, I’m always looking for an opportunity to do some writing for other people. Feel free to let me know if you might have something to tweak my interest!


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  1. Thanks for following my blog. I’ll definitely be following yours from now on. (It’s also good to meet a fellow blogger from Vancouver!)

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